Welcome Back To The New Heyaprill.com

Welcome back to heyaprill.com!

My, how the world has changed since the last time you saw a post from me. I wanted to touch base with you guys, and let you know what has changed in my world, and what you can expect from me from here on out.

Since 2018, my husband and I have been grinding as a couple! We launched Coleman’s A/C, Heating & Appliance Repair in Jackson, Ms and it has been a ride! The first few years are best described as hectic, as we stepped out into a world that was unknown to me. I spent almost 14 years at home being a mom to my children, a wife to my husband, and a beauty influencer to you. I entered the HVAC and appliance repair world out of shape and on the verge of health issues. Since 2018, I have lost weight (I’m still fat), I am in better shape physically and of course, I’ve picked up more experience in this trade. Now that our feet are wet, and I have a better understanding of my time constraints, I am comfortable creating content again on a part-time basis.

Now, I know what you’re wondering… what happened to all your old content? Long story made short, Hostgator deleted all my files during migration and couldn’t find them. Yes, I have a backup on another computer but I took that content being deleted as a sign to start over fresh. I may add some of the content back at a later date, but ultimately, 90% of my old content will NOT return.

What will the content look like?

  • Beauty- beauty content will be comprised of 75% skincare and 25% other beauty content (color cosmetics, hair care, fragrance ETC)
  • Lifestyle- lifestyle content will be about my life as opposed to lifestyle topics in general. My life is very diverse living in Jackson, Mississippi and my lifestyle content will reflect that.
  • Wellness- less than 10% of my content will be wellness. I do not have any motivation to post much as I find the wellness space to be weird.
  • Influencer business- I have extensive expertise in digital marketing, influencer management, and freelance writing.
  • I will dedicate 1 day a week minimum to posting on my blog. Some weeks, I may post more than that, but at minimum, 1 day.
  • I will distribute a newsletter 1x a week as well after about a month.

Yes, I’m still freelancing

Being that I am at a limited capacity, I only want to work with the best. I’m open to the following:

  • Freelance writing opportunities
  • Freelance editor positions
  • Freelance influencer marketing opportunities
  • Freelance digital marketing opportunities.

How to contact me

Under normal circumstances, you can expect a response from me in 24-48 hours. Here’s how you can get in touch with me:

While social media pages exist on Pinterest, Facebook (someone stole my original page during the pandemic and Facebook said they didn’t have the resources to assist me), and all those other wonderful social media pages, I am not active and do not intend to be active.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully, it was not terribly long. Talk to you soon <3


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